The Opportunity

Our Client, a Pioneer offering a total shopping experience around Latin America, wanted to have entities’ financial statements more accurately reflect the work they do to manage risk by harmonizing the accounting treatment with these efforts. Those in reporting, controlling, information technology, internal auditing, risk management, asset and liability management (ALM), account management (AM), and tax will find this information useful.

What we Did

  • Process Development
  • Legacy Data Processing
  • API Development
  • Project Management

Our Solution

The project entailed a meticulous documentation of the process and calculations, establishing a structured framework for systematic analysis. Subsequently, the existing process underwent a thorough optimization, resulting in streamlined operations for enhanced efficiency. Over a span of five years, historic data was generated and meticulously examined, providing a comprehensive historical context for informed decision-making. A rigorous review and correction process were undertaken to ensure accuracy in calculations. The technological backbone consisted of seamlessly integrated components, including ODS Data Lake, PLSQL, SQL Developer, and Talend, effectively synergizing their capabilities to create a robust and agile solution that fostered process improvement and upheld data integrity.


The project encompassed the consolidation of financial data from 15 countries into a single, streamlined process, effectively centralizing operations. This consolidation facilitated the processing of over a million financial credit transactions, marking a significant achievement in data management. Notably, the process underwent a remarkable transformation, witnessing a drastic reduction in processing time from weeks to mere hours, exemplifying the efficacy of the implemented solution. Integral to this success was the inclusion of process execution and error logs, providing comprehensive insights into the data processing journey and facilitating efficient reconciliation. Through meticulous execution, the project achieved the seamless amalgamation of data, delivering heightened operational efficiency and transparency.

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