Data and AI

Supercharge your data capabilities with IGT’s AI-driven Data Engineering solutions. Our dedicated CoE empowers businesses of all sizes to collect, transform, and communicate data effectively, leveraging cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology. Unlock the true potential of your data-driven success today. Contact us now to revolutionize your data journey with AI-powered insights and gain a competitive edge. Don’t miss out on this opportunity – let IGT be your partner in maximizing your data’s value through the power of AI.

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Better business decision-making with Data Strategy 


Unlock the true potential of Automation Solutions in your organization with IGT’s RPA Advisory Services. Our seasoned engineers and business professionals will meticulously analyze your requirements, identifying strategic opportunities to leverage our cutting-edge Automation technologies.


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Functional Test Automation

Quality Engineering

Experience a revolutionary shift away from traditional manual testing methods. Our team of expert Quality Engineers is dedicated to collaborating closely with your team to craft data-driven frameworks and powerful quality platforms. With our state-of-the-art technology, you gain unparalleled insights into the root causes of issues. Our effective Root Cause Analysis (RCA) measures not only fix the current problems but also prevent them from resurfacing in the future. Unlock the true potential of your testing process with IGT’s automated Quality Engineering solutions. Contact us today and revolutionize the way you ensure top-notch application quality!

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Cloud Engineering

Unlock the full potential of the cloud with IGT’s comprehensive Cloud Services. As a trusted partner, we provide end-to-end application management, technical support, and infrastructure services, enabling organizations to leverage the power of the cloud. With a global presence, IGT offers unparalleled expertise in delivering cloud solutions to numerous enterprises. Maximize your operational efficiency and scalability by entrusting your cloud services to IGT. Experience seamless support and drive your organization’s success in the cloud era. Contact us today and embark on a transformative cloud journey with IGT as your dedicated Cloud solutions provider.

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Optimizing Organizations with Cloud Infrastructures

Digital Transformation

As a certified Microsoft Gold Partner, we possess the knowledge and experience to drive the digital transformation of your organization. With a remarkable track record spanning 21 years, we have perfected a streamlined approach to project planning. Our agile methodologies, rapid coding, and rigorous quality analysis ensure efficient and effective execution. At IGT, we pride ourselves on delivering tailor-made digital solutions that cater to the unique needs of established businesses, blue chips, and start-ups across the globe. Our extensive portfolio showcases successful implementations of various cutting-edge technologies for our esteemed clients.
Our commitment to winning customer affection makes us the perfect partner to elevate your business. Choose IGT to elevate your performance and embrace the digital future. Contact us now to explore the limitless possibilities!

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Integrating new systems with Legacy Applications

Innovations Lab

We created the innovations lab as a customer centric brain trust of architects, developers, and business champions whose sole mission is to bring your ideas and aspirations to life through technology. In doing so, we foster a challenging environment of future disruptors and innovators.

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Innovations Lab - Cross Selling on Point

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