The Opportunity

Our client, one of the leading providers of SCM (Supply Chain Management) Services across the Caribbean, wanted to streamline their Regression and Sanity test suite execution while ensuring cost-effectiveness. With a keen focus on accelerating the “Time to Market,” it was crucial to abbreviate the Testing Cycle. This encompassed testing across 13 Caribbean Counties, various environments, and browsers. However, a challenge emerged as the regression suite expanded with each release, intensifying the test effort due to additional functionalities. Our solution aimed to harmonize these priorities, optimizing the testing process, and ensuring a swift, comprehensive, and efficient approach to meet the client’s business and operational demands.

What we Did

  • Process Development
  • Legacy Software Integration
  • API Development
  • Project Management

Our Solution

In a strategic move aimed at optimizing testing efficiency, IGT introduced an automation testing approach designed to expedite test execution and minimize cycle time, aligning seamlessly with the Agile Methodology. The cornerstone of this approach rested on the utilization of Selenium and Winium (Open source) test automation tools, deftly orchestrated within a hybrid framework intricately woven using Selenium and the Java platform. This innovative framework offered the unique capability to execute the same script across multiple datasets and diverse environments, ensuring impeccable compatibility across IE, Chrome, and Firefox.

This streamlined approach required updates solely to test data sheets, significantly enhancing maintenance simplicity and facilitating seamless Continuous Integration. The strategic integration of customized reporting and remote execution added a layer of real-time insights to the process. Leveraging the Selenium grid for concurrent execution emerged as a pivotal efficiency booster, notably reducing execution times. The automation spectrum encompassed Smoke, Sanity, and Regression test cases, highlighting our commitment to comprehensive testing. Moreover, the automation sphere extended its reach to encompass critical bug scenarios, underscoring IGT’s unwavering dedication to robust testing standards. The comprehensive amalgamation of Web HTTP/S, Selenium WebDriver, JAVA, Winium, Sikuli, Robot class/ TestNG/ Maven epitomized our advanced Technology Platform, culminating in a responsive, agile, and comprehensive solution.


Our automation testing implementation has led to substantial improvements across various fronts. We achieved a remarkable 69% reduction in Test Execution Time for the Regression cycle, significantly expediting project delivery. Manual testing productivity soared by an impressive 40%, ensuring comprehensive coverage. Automation scripts proved their mettle by uncovering a substantial number of critical and major defects, validating our approach’s effectiveness.

The scripts also found utility in unit testing, aiding Application developers. Their adaptability shines as they seamlessly execute in diverse browsers and environments through URL parameter adjustments. HTML Report logs and snapshots enhance defect tracking. Operating at an enterprise level, this framework underscores its relevance and impact. These successes exemplify our commitment to driving efficiency, precision, and quality throughout the software testing realm.

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