The Opportunity

Legacy applications are the backbone of systems across organizations that have a long history of customer focused applications. Our client, Pioneer offering a total shopping experience around Latin America, wanted their ecosystem to also have a credit and sanction module as an upgrade to their system and an additional service to their customers.

What we Did

  • Process Development
  • Legacy Software Integration
  • API Development
  • Project Management

Our Solution

Our team of more than 30 PMs, BAs, Architects, DB engineers, .Net, QA, and IT support, worked on this project. The process of applying for credit and sanctioning was fully integrated with both the workflow and the ecosystem. We also made improvements to the application, including the development of a web API for integrated ecosystem support and modified the process that runs at the end of each day to better manage the changes that have been made to the system. We used technology platforms like Asp.Net, C#, IBM APIConnect, Google APIGEE, SQL, Web API.


In navigating the complex terrain of project management, our team had run into multifaceted obstacles that had tested their strategic abilities. Uncertainty in project scope was a frequent problem that slowed progress from the client’s arbitrary expectations. The absence of approval from the business side only made matters complicated. A further layer of complexity was added by undefined Statements of Work (SOW), which influenced project and support paths. In addition, bringing together resources from different departments and even different organizations to form unified teams has become an ongoing difficulty that calls for strong leadership and coordination. We overcame these issues with our unique engagement models and project management capabilities.

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