The Opportunity

Our Client, a Pioneer offering a total shopping experience around Latin America, was using an isolated system with one database for recording transactions. APIGEE ECO-Systems integration is a key Commerce solution, where Commerce business logic is enabled for integration and built-in adapters and interfaces are supplied for common integration points.

What we Did

  • Process Development
  • Legacy Software Integration
  • API Development
  • Project Management

Our Solution

Before the Client’s legacy system integration with APIGEE, it worked like an isolated system with one database for recording transactions. But after integration, it works as an enterprise edition payment Ecosystem.  

The Ecosystem identified the flow and the execution order of each integration and split by the below process: 

  • Onboarding New customer
  • Onboarding Migrated customers.
  • Cash Sales Simulation
  • Cash Sales
  • HP Sales Simulation
  • HP Sales

We also recommended Client for Server availability for the ecosystem to handle complex systems and heavy data load. As an added feature we also integrated a retry mechanism for failed requests which would trigger the chain for quick action whenever the server records a failed request and at once start another process to retry the same request. We integrated another functionality for the broker technology at the Client’s ecosystem for 100% availability. 


In the realm of communication within the client’s ecosystem, a series of challenges arise when it comes to transmitting messages to and receiving them from both back-end systems and external entities. Additionally, there’s the critical task of sending notifications to both customers and administrators regarding events taking place within the ecosystem. These challenges encompass several key aspects: 


Firstly, there’s the synchronization hurdle, particularly during the migration of customers and accounts within the integration process. Ensuring that all data remains harmonized and accurate can be a formidable task.   

Secondly, there’s the crucial matter of establishing a fallback mechanism for requests traveling between client’s legacy software and APIGEE. This is a pivotal component of maintaining system reliability and uninterrupted functionality. 

Furthermore, the intricacies of data flow need to be meticulously finalized, guaranteeing that information moves seamlessly and consistently throughout the ecosystem. 

The integration journey also necessitates tackling the complexities of payment method integration, ensuring that financial transactions are smooth and secure. 

Lastly, the onboarding of new products presents yet another layer of challenge, requiring careful orchestration and alignment within the broader integration framework. 


While these integration challenges are undeniably complex, our smart and intuitive solutions are poised to address each one comprehensively. Through a combination of advanced technology, strategic planning, and a deep understanding of the ecosystem, we stand ready to overcome these obstacles, ensuring a seamless and efficient communication network for the legacy ecosystem. 


After the successful integration with APIGEE, a multitude of significant advantages have been observed. The implementation of API-based calls has greatly improved the adaptability of contract revisions, streamlining the procedure for effective updates.  

Furthermore, our technology has been enhanced to efficiently accommodate a payment flow tailored to the marketplace, while properly overseeing the Know Your Customer (KYC) process. One significant enhancement involves the optimization of manual approval procedures, resulting in decreased time lags and improved operational effectiveness. In addition, the optimization of our process orchestrator, which serves as the central hub for consolidating status updates, has proven its significance in improving transparency and control.  

The technology we have developed additionally integrates important methods into workflows, thereby guaranteeing reliability and consistency among all recipients. In conclusion, our ongoing assessment of the potential shift to the enterprise edition highlights our dedication to further enhancement and the contentment of our clientele. These advantages combined illustrate our commitment to delivering intelligent, intuitive solutions that empower our clients and enhance operational efficiency.

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