This Tuesday, the IGT IT team decided to work from the office, and the group was feeling more upbeat than ever! 

Stronger relationships required face-to-face interaction, and communicating with coworkers in person and observing their body language had several advantages, including speeding up problem-solving.

Team members could collaborate more effectively and share ideas, boosting output and raising the standard of work. The value of a structured work environment was boundless. It was remarkable how pivotal a structured work environment was for getting things done when working in an office. Focusing the mind and establishing a schedule for oneself to follow could help one be more productive.

An office day can reveal the corporate culture and environment that may have an impact on employee morale and job satisfaction. One can determine from this what kind of a workplace they want to work in and what they might need to work to construct in the future.

A day spent working in an office highlighted the value of ergonomics in ensuring that employees are comfortable while doing their jobs. This included ergonomic workstations, comfortable seating, and good lighting to help lower the risk of fatigue and injury. It was important to remember that a day was not long enough to fully grasp all the nuances of working in an office, but it could give an individual a general idea of the relative merits of doing so. It might have also inspired people to think about how they could improve their working environment.