On-ground support and presence have been on the agenda in almost all the major discussions and meetings at IGT and Our Client.

Covid travel restrictions had kept a tab on extending the on-ground support. This year’s start of 2022 major development for the digital journey kick-started and followed by a successful production rollout in August 2022. The digital journey with Our Client reached a point for the IGT India team to visit the Caribbean.

It was no less than a cinematic vision during the rundown of travel to the Caribbean where team members from different parts of India office locations started packing for a common objective of IGT goals.

Chetan Koppal, Swati Ghotgalkar, and Vinayak Hunkunti were the team visiting Kingston, Jamaica followed by Port of Spain, Trinidad.

The visit was well and truly backed by the IGT management from the US office. Anil and Ganesh made sure all support was extended to the India visiting team and became part of the India team delegation in Kingston, Jamaica.

On reaching Kingston, Jamaica the IGT team had many open challenges to address and one among them was to stabilize the application and gain the customer’s confidence and affection. Being on the ground and working close to the business gave a lot of insight to the IGT team and with every passing day issues were resolved, and customer business operation stabilized.

The other objective of the visit was to set up a local office and hire.

Behind the scenes, a lot of discussions happened with various stakeholders which included interviewing and hiring employees from Caribbean locations.

Tremendous coordination was exhibited during this visit to the Caribbean and everyone at IGT contributed to making the visit a successful event.

All the objectives of the visit were accomplished, i.e., stabilizing the customer business, customer affection, customer relation building, local office, and hiring.

The visit was the first step in a long and fruitful journey in providing world-class IT services for the Caribbean.


IGT looks forward to more such visits in the coming days.

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