“You can’t see other people’s point of view when you have only one language,” said Frank Smith, famous psycholinguist known best for his contributions in linguistics and cognitive psychology.

Learning a foreign language has not only become important, but also necessary for certain positions in the leading IT companies.

With rising globalization, being bilingual has become a useful skill for young professionals and executives alike, giving them a competitive advantage.

We at IGT invest heavily in the career development of our employees and in doing so, we have introduced a Spanish language training course that is open to all of our employees.

Initially, this idea had been a part of our training course for our Innovation Lab team, which helped our interns learn new skills.

After receiving an overwhelming number of responses from our experienced employees, we decided to open the training course to everyone in the company.

The feedback has been overwhelming positive and some of our employees have even begun communicating in Spanish with our Clients in the LATAM region.

Vibhanshu Singh Thakur, our Spanish language trainer, has been teaching Spanish for over 2 years and finds the experience extremely rewarding.

“When you learn another language, you learn how to look at the world through a different lens. This is because each language has a special view of the world which may not be the same as another language which you know.

In my case, after I learned to speak Spanish, I sometimes found myself thinking through a difficult or important problem in Spanish rather than in English. I think this was a subconscious effort on my part to give it more careful attention than I would have otherwise.”

One of our Business Analysts, who is also learning Spanish says, “I have been learning Spanish at IGT for 4 weeks now. I liked that everything is straightforward. There wasn’t any confusion on assignments. The class notes that followed each chapter were very well detailed.

The experience of this class has been nothing but positive. I feel the course is extremely helpful in enhancing our language skills. I appreciate the effort put into the course.”

We at IGT put the career development of our employees first.  We understand the importance of learning a new language and have made it priority to make these types of programs available for every one of our employees.

In the future, we plan on offering additional languages to continue supporting our clients globally.