Oracle’s Data Lake brought to you by IGT is a one-stop solution to the challenges faced by companies who are looking to store their data: structured or unstructured into a dedicated storage destination. Although it is quite a recent terminology in the world of data science and technology, a data lake has quickly become one of the most essential design patterns and best practices for firms who are involved in Big Data.

Handling huge volumes of raw data where there is an explosion of data and information in today’s hyper-digital world and storing these large volumes of data for processing, analysing and extracting key business decisions becomes quite a task if the data is scattered about.

This is where Oracle’s data lake, based on Hadoop, comes into the picture. As it is one of the world’s most sought-after data storage and organisation tools.

A data lake helps you in :

  • Streamlining the data efficiently to store organisations data to query, process quickly.
  • Providing the solution to integrate with the data warehouse or other platforms effectively to move the data from raw to structured.
  • Providing solutions to facilitate high throughput data lake analytics of all your raw and semi-structured data.
  • Providing solutions to facilitate real-time actionable insights moving at the speed of your business.
  • Supporting Data Engineers, Data Scientists, business professionals and other Microsoft customers to gain insight from large, complex data sets.

This simple tool helps you in data mining, text mining, statistical analysis, and graph analytics. You can further use it to ingest and transform data, persist and access data and also perform data analytics. When merged with a greater data management platform, you can obtain an even more effective and well-functioning data lake.


The different types of data lake platform are:

  • Digital Supply Chain Data Lake

As stated earlier, the digital space today is booming with data and this data needs to be stored and sorted appropriately, in order for companies to monitor the supply chain. This type of data lake platform aids manufacturers in keeping a track of the data and assorting them into digital files

  • The Internet Of Things Data Lake

Another popular sort of data lake that has emerged of late is the platform for storing data that is produced by IOT sensors. These sensors produce immense amounts of data on a daily basis and need to be monitored to identify the useful data amidst the large pool.

  • Omni-channel Marketing Data Lake

Companies today use a multi-pronged marketing strategy to target the widest target market in the most effective way possible, combining traditional marketing strategies with the new media marketing strategies such as social media. A dedicated platform helps companies segregate data from each channel and also prepare for re-marketing for the future marketing related activities.

These are the recommended ways of making use of the powerful tool that is Oracle’s Data Lake, made convenient for your business purpose through IGT.

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