A simple way to test software products in the fastest and most efficient manner possible is to automate the process. The application of the latest technology in a manner that will save time and money and deliver ‘quality’ results is called ‘Automation Testing.

IGT’s Automation Testing is particularly useful when successive and multiple test cases need to be run in order to ensure a high-quality product, hence, it has become quite a sought-after method of testing in today’s industry where competition is high.

Repeated test cases which are quite critical to the business as well as those that require a lot of time and effort are ideal for automation testing as compared to test cases with erratic requirements or those which are needed on an ad-hoc basis.

The benefits can be broadly categorised into six key factors:

  • Reduction in human error

Although Automation Testing is not a direct replacement of manual testing, it is rather a complementary process that is aimed at reducing human involvement to the minimum. Therefore, it naturally results in lesser or no human error that is bound to take place in the case of manual testing.

  • Reusable

Automation testing makes it possible to accommodate reusable test cases by building and executing modular test scripts which are quite integral if your aim is to accelerate your software development life cycle.

  • Higher Accuracy

Automated testing has been reported to be 100% accurate, on each and every test case you run, every single time. While there will always be a margin for error, when it comes to manual testing. The results will remain the same in the case of automation.

  • Greater Execution Speed

Automated tests are also reported to be 5 times faster than the speed of manual testing, thereby saving you precious time that can be devoted into another product or new code development or ad hoc cases.

  • Increased Test Coverage

Apart from being a more accurate and faster testing process, automated testing procedures offer far greater test coverage which means you will be getting a clear picture of the success of your testing process.

  • Cost-efficient

Most importantly, automated testing is proven to be more cost-friendly than manual testing as it excels in all the departments that usually incur more expenses such as repeated manual tests, more errors, and time-consuming.