The meeting point between computers as well as computer programs is known as the Application Programming Interface. API Testing is important in detecting issues early on, and predicts a future plan of action, which is best suited to your product release in a consolidated manner. It enables the flow of information and exchange of data between two software systems in an easy manner.

API is designed to test the reliability, functionality, security and performance of the programming interface through a software that will send calls to the API and get an output, which is noted down as per the system’s response.

There are five main phases of API testing:

  • Test Case Development

Here preliminary tests such as coding of test services as well as creating sanity check and surveillance test suites are formed.

  • Test Execution and Reporting

The created tests are then executed and the results are readied  for reporting.

  • API Specification Review

An analysis and study of the structure of API is done once again in order to use case documentation as per test perspective.

  • Test Specification Development

A document is created that consists of a set of test conditions created as per the expected results of each test case.

  • Test Framework Development

A set of guidelines and rules are developed that give a clear picture as to how a test case should be designed or created.

IGT’s API Testing solutions offers you benefits such as:

  • Access without the need for UI
  • Ability to test core functionality
  • Time-friendly
  • Easy integration
  • Swift feedback
  • Cost-friendly