Infrastructure and operations (I&O) teams are primarily responsible for setting up and maintaining servers, computers, software, security, general processing and data & storage too. Introducing automation and intelligent monitoring systems into this process is integral in order to stay ahead of the digital business competition.

As a number of organisations are shifting their focus from process and project to product-oriented organisational systems, the structure of I&O teams also has changed. The need of the hour is to drive business transformation and fill the resource gap.

There are four key services offered under Infra Operation Management:

  • Configuration
  • Identity Management
  • Automation
  • Back-up and disaster recovery


Keeping a check on your infrastructure while migrating to the cloud is very important. This process deals with a variety of supervisory actions that involve managing your computers & serve, checking if the software is updated to the latest versions, setting up configuration and security policies in place, ensuring security patches and updates are in store and lastly maintaining Quality of Service (QoS) and rightsizing resources if required.

Identity Management

Managing ‘Identities’ is a process that delves deep into taking the appropriate security measures that are needed in order for a safe and secure working environment and prevent hacking and data breaches. Everything from user account management, single-sign-on (SSO) to overseeing access to information and governance is taken care of in this process.


Assigning and delegating tasks to human manpower can at times get too challenging, that’s where automation comes into picture. Entrusting roles such as Identity and Access Management (IAM), Disaster Recover (DR) and Configuration and event product testing and release can be done through Azure Resource Manager (ARM)

Back-Up and Recovery

Another key area that is addressed is data back-up and recovery in times of crisis and disasters. A comprehensive back-up for applications, workloads, and arbitrary data is handled through robust Service-Level Agreements (SLAs) with a focus on Recovery Time Objectives as well as Recovery Process Objectives.

In conclusion, Azure Managed Service brought to you by IGT, ensures a comprehensive analysis and undertakes extensive responsibility with respect to infrastructure and operations management, so rest assured that productivity will not be compromised.