As the concept of Managed Services is becoming increasingly popular in today’s digital workplace, a great number of cloud migration activities have become a common practice for IT organisations looking to be future ready and switching to a smarter mode of work.

Cloud migration is the phenomenon where a company decides to switch from having an in-house team for a particular business process (in this case, IT team ) to a cloud team, who will manage this process in a more efficient way.

Benefits of opting for IGt’s cloud migration service:

  • Company has more opportunities to scale at a faster rate
  • The net cost of procedures are significantly reduced
  • More result-oriented approach
  • More room for innovation

IGT’s Cloud migration service consists of 5 basic processes:

  • On-premise footprint analysis

The process starts from identifying existing virtual machines (VM), networks and applications

  • Map dependencies & determine network topology

The next step would be to carefully evaluate and map out all the dependencies of the existing network and lay out a plan as to how the network topology will be set in place while working from a cloud platform.

  • Optimization path for workloads

After the network topology has been determined, the next step is to choose the most efficient path to migration as the available choices are plenty.

  • Choosing appropriate cloud computing service model

After determining the correct path for cloud migration, the following steps will deal with selecting the right cloud computing service model from a range of options available in the market today. Customers can now choose from infrastructure as a service ( IaaS ), platform as a service ( PaaS ) and software as a service ( SaaS ).

Those who want to pay for only a specific access to network, servers and storage can opt for IaaS. Companies looking to build their own applications can opt for PaaS and those who would like to use a certain software as a subscriber can go for SaaS model.

  • Cloud migration and strategy plan

Finally, a detailed plan must be charted out so the migration can take place in a smooth and successful manner.