It has been well established that the IT sector is one which experiences massive changes in very short periods of time. Product innovation, consumer expectations, industry standards, best practices are all key factors that are incessantly driving this change, and it does not look like it will slow down anytime soon.

In this era of digital, it is evident that we cannot live without our devices as they have become an integral part of every aspect of our lives. Hence, companies in the IT sector are facing an immense quantum of challenges to stay relevant and competitive. Gone are the days where a normal brick & mortar office would suffice for business processes to function smoothly. This is where ‘Managed Services’ come into the picture.

Managed Services is a new business model which involves outsourcing those business processes that are essential to your business but prove to be quite costly, if you want to hire an in-house team. Resulting in improved productivity and reduced costs.


Benefits of IGT’s Managed Services Solutions:

  • Continuous support provided in maintaining, improving business operations
  • Round-The-Clock support in resolving problems and customer queries
  • Increased potential to take business risks
  • Greater opportunity to scale your business
  • Guaranteed value for proposition, ensuring market needs are met
  • Covers a range of services such as Cloud technology, Automation, IoT & Blockchain


Now, the concept of managed services has been around for years, however due to changes in the speed of innovation, rising expectations from the customer, increased competition and challenging prices, the managed services have also evolved and become much more diverse in terms of what is on offer. Let us look at some of the most popular types of managed services that are being provided by IGT today:


  • Cloud Technology

Cloud technology is nothing new, however IGT has gone a step further to provide an enhanced environment which enables the existence of multiple cloud platforms making it an ideal infrastructure where skill can flourish.


  • Automation

Again, not a new concept, but IGT provides a customizable suite of automated services that present the customer with flexible options for their business processes.


  • IoT and Blockchain

Hiring experienced and skilled IoT and Blockchain specialists can be quite a task, especially in these times, where the demand for these specialized services are shooting up. Taking the option of outsourcing these crucial processes can be both cost & time saving.


  • Hyper-Converged Infrastructure

This process combines the core operations of a business into a single, user-friendly platform or infrastructure. It is one the key steps in ensuring a faster and more effective digital transformation procedure.


  • Infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS)

This subscription-based model of outsourced service is ideal for companies looking to scale at a reasonable cost, offering complete support on daily operations and delivering great results through highly skilled hardware and software specialists.