It was a much-awaited meet as the Leadership team flew down from the US to connect with the team in India, vis-a-vis.

A meeting with the leadership team is always a special moment for the company as it is an occasion for the entire team to touch base and get on the same page and realign with the core business principles.

However, this was a truly noteworthy meeting as it was the first since the COVID-19 pandemic forced a halt on normal proceedings.

The meetings took place over the course of four memorable days, covering the four major teams operating at IGT- Data Engineering, QA, RPA, HR.

Day 1

The first day of the meet was to have a discussion with the HR team and study and analyse the performance of the organization’s most important resource- It’s people. The day proceeded with the managers who head each major team reporting to the leadership and discussing the way forward for the next seven years. 

Day 2

The next day saw the leadership team connecting with one of the core teams at IGT- The Retelzy Team followed by The Data Engineering team. The agenda was to develop and cement a strategy with key decision makers.

Day 3

The following day witnessed the meetings with heads of two key areas- The first was a Triage Team discussion to know the progress of a new project dedicated for a special region and the next was to discuss the plan of action with the QA Automation team.

Day 4

The final day was quite an eventful one as it involved both formal and informal proceedings which gave rise to a unique and uplifting atmosphere to everyone involved. The first half of the day was when the final set of meetings took place with the RPA team followed by a meet with the Sales & Marketing team.

The final event on the agenda was one to remember where all participants from the last 4 days came together for the eventful Gala night. The event started about 5:30 pm as people started trickling in until 6:30 pm and this was indeed a meet and greet hour for some much needed selfies with teams. There were many of them seeing each other face to face for the first time.

Once everyone settled down, There was a speech by IGT Management, Arjun provided the overview of the company’s marketing efforts, new customer acquisitions and the roadmap ahead for the company. This was followed by Anant, who presented the progress on the India policies. The key highlight was the achievement of crossing 100 people within the IGT team.

Anil Joshi, our CEO, took over and threw light upon the Innovation Initiative at IGT and informed the company of a new exciting phase that’s coming up. Ganesh Bala our CTO, who is most popular with all project teams, concluded the session with Vote of Thanks.

After this, various teams met with the US team. It was a fun get together as it gave rise to many conversations amongst team members. It was also a great opportunity for photo ops with various teams.

The gala event was an opportunity for team members across the organization to meet one another and also the leadership team, in a relaxed environment, to facilitate an increased level of team bonding and camaraderie.

Hence, it was proven that the old way of connecting colleagues at work will never go out of fashion, it also fits perfectly in line with IGT’s philosophy of having a human say in technology and this begins with the IGT team having a say in IGT’s affairs.