Imagine a workplace where product development, Operations, and Quality Assurance work simultaneously and interact with each other on a real-time basis.

IGT’s TestOps solutions make that dream a reality.

With IGT, you get a holistic approach to QA that combines the best practices of the industry with state-of-the-art technology brought together by a highly experienced team of dedicated experts.

Our strategy is to conduct end-to-end functionality testing through smoke, functional and integration testing then proceeding with regression tests to test the entire system in a holistic manner and apply an approach from the user’s perspective through User Acceptance Tests and finally ending with post-production tests with user-certification tests.

TestOps, as the name suggests, is the combined powerhouse of testing and operations giving rise to a continuous testing process that encompasses continuous build, continuous validation and continuous delivery under one single unified process.

Previously, DevOps were responsible for operationalising the development lifecycle and producing faster go-to market time, but TestOps goes a step further and ensures faster product delivery and more importantly, more reliable final product outcome.

The rise of TestOps is due to the recent push from companies to produce faster as well as higher quality products, as agility has become the main focus of software development and emergence of QAOps or TestOps.

Due to factors such as unstable code, erroneous product deliveries, configuration problems and troublesome UI, DevOps was longer the best solution to speedy software development, the answer was Shift-Right Testing.

Shift-Right Testing relates to the testing process that deals with testing the product in the immediate pre-release and post-release stages. This type of testing brings in new testing methodologies and new testing skills into the picture that feel like a breath of fresh air compared to DevOps testing.

Keeping the end-user i.e customers the goal, IGT’s TestOps or Shift-Right Testing is based on:

  1. User’s behaviour and feedback
  2. A/B testing derived from likes and dislikes
  3. Crowd Testing to understand real-world environment

Cross-Platform testing is also an important part of testing for quality as you get a comprehensive evaluation of your app performance in a variety of platforms to get the best quality end product.

Key Benefits of IGT’s TestOps solutions are:

● A greater impact to go-to-market time as compared to Agile and DevOps

● A revolutionized manner of data measurement, storage and dissemination

● Significant reduction in costs of development

● The fastest and most reliable form of software development

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