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Managed Services

Managed Services Provider are trusted partners that provide end to end application management, technical support, infrastructure, and overall IT services for organizations.  This enables companies to focus on their core business leaving the services and support functions to the experts like IGT.

IGT provides end to end Managed Services to numerous large-scale enterprises around the world.


Application Development and Maintenance (ADM) Services

Today, Organizations depend heavily on Business-Critical applications to run their business operations, while ensuring that the Critical Applications are always available (100% availability) to its business users. The communication path from Business users needs to be connected to Development teams seamlessly. The priority of the Business Operation is to ensure the continuity without any downtime (ZERO downtime).

The reduced downtime and efforts to add value solutions and services provided by IGTs ADM services ensure customers can maintain competitiveness in the marketplace.

IGT’s approach is to ensure Critical Applications run smoothly, while ensuring that newer deployments are better versions using innovative approaches and at the same time maintaining economic view.


DevOps combines practices of software development and IT operations. This approach help shorten the overall systems development life cycle and enable continuous delivery with high software quality. DevOps works well with Agile practices.

The Agile adage “Release Early and Release Often” very well serves the principle of DevOps.

Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Delivery (CD) is possible with DevOps practices.

The three processes automate build, testing, and deployment so DevOps teams can ship code changes faster and more reliably.

IGT teams works with Azure DevOps and AWS DevOps solutions with our customers to provide automation of tasks that provides Agility and Speed of Execution

Managed Cloud Services

IGTs Managed cloud services is management of our client’s cloud platform.

The cloud services include Migration services, maintenance of existing cloud service or optimizing hosted service.  IGTs cloud service expertise is poised to help customers run its cloud resources in unison and efficiently. Customers can focus on the core business and reduce hiring and training costs.

While Managed cloud services can provide private, public and hybrid cloud environments, IGT assesses the Customer needs by studying customers Application, data requirements. We then create a custom plan in collaboration with our customer.

We have expertise in providing Cloud Services for both AWS and Azure clouds

 IGT has expertise in providing Cloud Services for both AWS and Azure clouds

Remote and Onsite Support

To run Customer’s services whether it is Application Services, DevOps, or Cloud Services on a continuous basis, IGT provides Remote as well as Onsite support for 24×7 Support and Monitoring.

Backup and Disaster Recovery

Backup and recovery is the process of backing up your data; in case of data loss, it can be recovered, and the system can be restored with less downtime.

IGT has proven expertise in Backup and Disaster recovery.


Managed Services?

  • Understand as-is Application services and understand current pain-points and model to-be Application service for drawing Application services model
  • Offer Deep Domain expertise in clients business applications
  • Provide Architectural services to deliver best Application experience while ensuring availability of application services to end customer
  • Agree on SLA that are best in the industry
  • Set up Application Management Services Office (AMSO) jointly with customer which serves as a war room to ensure swift decision making to ensure continual support and resolution of outstanding issues
  • Explore 24×7 service desk working under AMSO
  • Deploy state of the art technology solutions for faster production and greater interoperability of application with supporting applications
  • Ensure Secure, Agile, and cost-effective solutions