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Data Engineering

With the volume, complexity, and time of data ingestion increasing everyday, it is no surprise that Data Engineering is highly sought-after by enterprises of all sizes.

IGT has built a dedicated CoE for such businesses looking to enhance the way they collect, transform, and effectively communicate Data. Let’s take a closer look at our team, and how we help our clients through their journey to meaningful data.

Meet Vinayak, Data Engineering Lead at IGT

With over 20 years of industry experience, Vinayak has seen the evolution of data engineering to what it is today. Having worked on large volume data and application migrations, he has developed the foresight to identify, evaluate and develop effective procedures and systems that can provide meaningful analytics to his clients.

When he’s not in the middle of multiple client deliveries, he is collecting ‘experiences’ backpacking through the Himilayas, the Rann of Kutch and most of southern India on his Harley Motorcycle. Not a bad way to spend a weekend.

Our Team

Product Managers

Hi! I’ll understand your needs and aim to build a perfect team facilitating an apt product for end-users

Data Engineers

I’ll make data available to the data analysts and scientists in ingestible forms, creating ‘data lakes’

Data Analysts

I’ll analyze the available data, discover insights, and represent the metrics using various dashboards and models

Data Scientists

I’ll fetch the modelled data and create machine learning algorithms and services to integrate data solutions into the product

ML Engineers

I’ll work closely with data scientists to ascertain that the models from the data team are included in the final product

MLOps Engineer

I’ll ensure that the services developed by the Data and ML teams are up and always running

Common Data Related Challenges

Siloed Data: Siloed Data from various sources internal and external creates fragmentation

Varied Data Formats: Videos, e-mails, social media posts, and similar unstructured data sources makes unified data interpretation difficult.

Incoherent Data: The data may exist in various places posing a challenge in building data pipelines.

Data Quality: Duplicated data, incomplete fields, inconsistent formats, and human Error all contribute to the overlying problem.

Data Governance: These included but are not limited to lack of data leadership, poor understanding of business values, and lack of documentation.

Our Approach to Data Enablement

Technology Stack Experience

Cloud Platform

Programming Language


POC Tool

Model Building

Model Deployment

Model Operationalization


Why IGT for

Data Engineering?

  • Full-Stack Data Engineering Service Provider – Right from Strategy to Managed Service, we support our customers for full spectrum of services
  • Business focused Services – IGT adopts Business First approach followed by Technology Implementation.
  • Cloud Agnostic Service Provision – IGT through its consulting services will help you choose right services or adopt existing choices to its full capabilities
  • Modular Approach – IGT provide services for wide ranging modules within the Data Engineering Services, we will help you get started at any stage to achieve your goals.