Virtualization: Redefining the Cloud Computing Industry

Virtualization: Redefining the Cloud Computing Industry

The contemporary digital transformation in business has redefined the cloud computing strategy for every industry from software development to security, business management to advertising, and infrastructure. With its infinite applications, virtualization and cloud computing are already disrupting the IT industry.

Virtualization is a standard business practice in cloud computing technology. This process helps you to follow a multi-layered computing approach and thus maximizing the hardware used in your business.

Although originated in the mid-1960s, Virtualization is still highly relevant in building a robust cloud strategy. It is the process of creating a virtual version of something such as a desktop, server, network resources, an operating system, or a storage device. This process helps in sharing a single physical instance of a resource or an application among multiple customers and organizations. Virtualization is made feasible with the help of a piece of software known as a Hypervisor that runs the physical server or host. Different types of hypervisors help gather the resources from the physical server and allocate them to the intended virtual environments.


Cloud Solutions Provided by IGT:

  • Datacenter migration (Physical to Virtual):

Datacenter Migration is the process of moving an entire data center to an entirely new computing environment. Datacenter migration has many advantages such as ease of administration, backup, restores effective resource distribution, and quicker migration of servers and applications.

  • SDDC – Software-Defined Datacenter:

A software-defined data center (SDDC) helps to accelerate the IT service delivery of a company. SDDCs are traditional data centers, but with some set differences such as in their use of automation, virtualization, resource pooling, and abstraction. The primary architectural components of SDDC include computing virtualization, network virtualization, storage virtualization, and management and automation software.

  • VMware and Hyper-V:

vSphere is a virtualization platform for businesses by VMware. It’s also the brand name for virtualization products and features suite of VMware. vSphere by VMware enables to build a steadfast and durable virtual infrastructure that matches any business needs. Also, it’s cost-effective.

vSphere ESXi is one of the many components of the software suite of VMware virtualization solution, which helps organizations to create and manage several virtual machines with the help of a single physical host.



Key Benefits of Virtualization:

Cost savings: Running multiple virtual environments from a single infrastructure can drastically reduce the cost, and you’ll be able to save a lot.

Agility and Speed: As spinning up a VM is quick and easy it would result in a great outcome within the minimum time.

Reduces Downtime: Virtual machines can be moved from one hypervisor to another on a different physical server in case one host goes out unexpectedly. It will allow you to get a great backup plan in case of such emergencies.

Why Choose IGT?

  1. We have years of expertise in handling multiple clients and offering them outstanding end-result.
  2. We collect complete information about Business, Data, Technical Architecture and assist in designing the infrastructure layer accordingly.
  3. We ensure all the required network architecture to segregate, Application layer, Data layer with proper Private and Public network design.
  4. We also have expertise in assisting our global clients in different regional datacenter and SAP environment.
  5. We also assist in storage design to fulfil complete virtual environment considering backup and business continuity in place.

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