IGT Microsoft gold partner

InfoGlobalTech is now a Microsoft Gold Partner.

IGT is now a Microsoft Gold Partner


Today, organizations must invest heavily on technologies. It is natural that they have spent time doing due diligence in selecting a product or platform. However, is the same due diligence done regarding the partner that will be involved in designing a solution with that product, making modifications to it, implementing it, and supporting it?

If organizations do not choose a partner that has requisite qualifications, skills, and experience to do what needs to be done on that end, then all effort of choosing a right platform goes in vain. IGT fills in for a Qualified Partner by Microsoft to help build products and services that are required by organizations.

IGT has been supporting many of its customers using Microsoft Technologies. It is our endeavor to support our customers with holistic technology support. IGT has steadily developed the competencies in Microsoft based technologies in various aspects.

Being a Microsoft Gold Partner, IGT’s advantage lies in the guarantee of professional expert support.

With Microsoft’s annual reviews of their Partners, this ensures the Business transformation is in safe hands. IGT continues to develop the expertise of our staff and provide total satisfaction for our clients.

As a Microsoft Gold Partner, we bring following capabilities to the table:


  • Provide Microsoft based IT services and products
  • Provide IGT’s Skilled staff who understands Microsoft Technologies better
  • Ensure a good support on Microsoft Products by virtue of our status
  • Ensure clients are up to date on the new releases and updates required to keep customer business running
  • Provide consultancy with Microsoft implementation and deployment
  • Recognized Leader within the partner community
  • Quality Assured Business as Microsoft partners must maintain the skills in line with changes every year through certification rigor


We are excited to support our clients, existing and new with our capabilities!

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