IGT-QE Regression Testing

IGT’s QE Regression Testing

The method of testing whether a software application is still functioning as per its earlier intended use, after code changes, software updates and other improvements is known as Regression Testing.

In regression testing, pre-executed tests are re-executed to ensure that the functionality of the software application is up to the mark.

Regression testing is required in a number of instances such as:

  • When an ad-hoc requirement request is added to a feature that already exists in the application
  • When a separate feature is added to the application
  • When the defects are detected and solved by fixing the codebase
  • When improvement in performance is required through source code optimization
  • When there is an addition of patch fixes
  • When there is a change in the configuration of the application

Regression Testing takes place in three well-defined phases:

Phase 1

This phase deals with the concept of ‘Focused Regression’ where the testing is carried out to cover a specific functionality of a new or a modified code. This phase of Regression Testing works in tandem with the Functionality Testing of a new or modified code.

Phase 2

In phase 2, the areas of possible changes are tested and execution is done after the code is frozen. This is known as extended regression testing.

Phase 3

In phase 3, a mini-regression test is conducted to check the functionality. It is executed on only 30% of the functions that have been added. This occurs at the end of the testing cycle.


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