IGT’s Codeless Test Automation Solutions

At IGT, we believe in being future-ready putting innovation and avant-garde technologies at the forefront of all that we do.

Codeless Testing is just the right approach when it comes to the next big thing in the automated testing industry. The need for codeless approach to testing was born out of the need for a smoother, easier and more user-friendly method of testing as hiring testers with an in-depth knowledge of the latest coding languages was proving to be a challenging task for many businesses.

Adding to that, manual testing involved an extensive amount of writing and executing test cases, which was taking a huge toll on the go-to-market time. To combat this hindrance, there was an increasing need to automate test executions, where in, the ‘record and playback’ feature was a boon for testers as it would simply mimic the testers actions for future test cases.

But, with the rapid development of CI/CD processes, the need for testing methods that could keep up with faster go-to-market time was of the essence.

This saw the birth of the codeless testing approach, as it welcomes the entry of non-coders as well into the field of testing and broadens the playing field. It can be easily integrated into CI/CD pipeline tools, DevOps, Test Case Management, and BDD Frameworks too!

Selenium is one of the most popular automation tools in recent years, due to its open-source nature, it is ideal for swift integration and high-flexibility when it comes to building test suites. However, Selenium too requires its users to be well-drilled in technical expertise and have an extensive knowledge on programming languages.

This is where IGT’s Codeless Automation Testing Solutions has an edge over Selenium as it enables enterprises to conduct testing without having to shell out on expensive testing experts who might cost the enterprise a lot of money.

In today’s fast paced DevOps and Agile environment, automation testing can also prove to be time-consuming and costly, due to testers having to be programming language experts when it comes to automation too.

Codeless Testing is the perfect solution that fits the Agile Framework in a seamless way due to the low-cost and low-learning curve needed to conduct successful tests.

Some of the key tools that IGT recommends when it comes to codeless testing are:

1) Katalon Studio

2) Testcraft

3) Leapwork

4) Selenium IDE

5) Ranorex Studio

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