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In the modern digital business setting, it has become highly important to maintain a clear communication channel between the business and the customer, as trust amongst these two parties has become sanctum. An effective way to address this need of clear and direct communication is the introduction of a Chatbot system.

Most organizations today have put in place a strategy to communicate with their customers, which is attracting the customers to the businesses, retaining and engaging them, in order to build loyalty for long-term benefits.

The first step, acquisition of customers, happens through the sales and marketing channels followed by fulfilment through Business Operations and Post Sales and Service through contact centers.

Now, it is seen that all major businesses today have set up their own contact centers to ensure customer queries are answered immediately, in a hassle-free manner. Furthermore, contact- centers ensure that customers remain engaged with businesses for a longer period.

Now, in order to be present for a customer at all times, the need to support customer queries 24×7 becomes essential. However, managing to create this sort of round-the-clock availability is a problem due to the increased need for contact center staff as well as added investments in the infrastructure with current methods.

The contact center staff must certainly have to deal with irate customers from time to time and be present on the floor in three shifts. All these requirements are bound to result in inhumane working hours, in turn giving rise to burnouts and higher staff attrition.

The solution to these problems are intelligent solutions.

According to Gartner report, close to twenty-five percent of customer service and support operations will integrate Virtual Customer Assistant (VCA) or Chatbot technology across engagement channels in the next few years. Our services automate self-service features of chatbots, together with the ability to escalate to a human agent in complex situations, which need the exclusive input of a human mind.

IGT’s Chatbots engage with customers on digital channels handling requests on websites, mobile apps, consumer messaging apps and social networks

  • IGTs Menu Based Chatbot

These chatbots handle 80% of the support queries which are repetitive and consume contact centre bandwidth. Chatbot POC can be developed with this and deployed to sense the customer response on limited release.

  • IGTs Keyword Recognition Based chatbots

Unlike menu-based chatbots, keyword recognition-based chatbots can listen to what users type and respond appropriately, or at least try to. These chatbots utilize customizable keywords and AI to determine how to serve an appropriate response to the user. This can be a next version of the Chatbot to enhance its ability to tackle with higher order tasks

  • IGTs Contextual Chatbots

These chatbots utilize Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to remember conversations with specific users to learn and grow over time. contextual chatbots are smart enough to self-improve based on what users are asking for and how they are asking it

IGT’s Chatbots have already had tremendous success for our clients, some of which are:

  • A recorded reduction of up to 70 percent in call, chat and/or email inquiries after implementing a Chatbots
  • IGT Chatbots can not only reduce call volumes, but it can also enrich the customer experience, help the customer throughout the interaction and process transactions on behalf of the customer.
  • 30% higher conversion rates have been achieved in sales processes

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