IGT’s Brand Ambassador from the Caribbean

We are proud to be associated with Gordon Foote, a dear friend and stalwart in the business industries in the Caribbean Islands.

His flexibility and innovative thinking have seen him build an illustrious career, spanning over three decades, in multinational company of IBM.

His know-how for working within constraints of an organization to seek new paths to unlock and deliver the jewels of success has resulted in him successfully collaborating as a trusted business partner with multiple organizations in the field of Business, IT and Logistics.

He always delivers, be it working individually or as a team, on the journey to build understanding towards the ultimate goal of satisfying customer achievement. This is exemplified by his immense experience as a technical and sales specialist, followed by other management positions as Sales and Country General Manager, as well as other reputable positions he has held in IBM including Caribbean Business Development Executive in Distribution.

His well-rounded expertise with Management, Logistics and Supply Chain disciplines in the context of Technology Motivated opportunities for improvements in operations, efficiencies and effectiveness of businesses improvements and outcomes allowed his market acceptance. He also assumed the prestigious position of Interim Chief Executive Officer for the Jamaica Chamber of Commerce- Kingston.

Gordon’s passion for his work is highly infectious and we at InfoGlobalTech can’t get enough of it!

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