How can IGT’s AI based Marketing help Large Enterprises?

AI applications have found themselves to be at the crux of each and every aspect of Businesses today. However, application of AI requires an extensive amount of R&D work that needs to be done before one can really think of applying AI based solutions.

In this article, we will be exploring the ways in which enterprises can leverage the word of mouth that is being spread online, regarding their enterprise products, across various platforms as well as across multiple languages. It is vital that enterprises look at building upon their social listening and picking up on the chatter that goes on across the various platforms about the products enterprises have on offer.

The ability to listen on various platforms and build actionable intelligence requires certain AI components. We are talking about the Natural Language Processing components of AI solutions.

So, what is Natural Language Processing (NLP)?

It is an integral part of the AI world, which is considered as a complicated space in the field of AI research. With examples such as smart assistant and predictive texts, NLP proves to be a game changer for businesses. It allows a computer to read, comprehend and translate any form of data. NLP mainly uses syntactic and semantic analysis to drive the interaction between machines and humans.

In a typical process of NLP, the source of input of the Natural Language could be done through sound or text. The first phase consists of morphological analysis to simplify the inputs by skimming them to shorter sets. Post which, lexical analysis is conducted to interpret the meaning of the shorter sets that have been derived. Syntactic analysis structures the grammatical composition of the sentences and semantic analysis verifies the meaningfulness of the outputs with the help of entities, concepts, relations, and predicates.

In the next phase, algorithms of discourse integration focus to establish meaningful connections between the words to form an output as a whole. Towards the end, pragmatic analysis imparts deeper meaning into the sentence using real world situations and knowledge.

NLP is swiftly becoming a mainstream tool in IGT’s AI based Marketing solutions. It has helped our clients overcome various linguistic and physiological barriers in customer communication. A significant increase in lead capture and qualification time has been observed due to this. It drives up the SEO rankings when our AI text generators align with the search engines indexing with an apt set of keywords. Also, voice search provides access to an extensive audience, making for a vast set of target audience.

Recently, we had the most significant result of our NLP techniques through the use of a social listening application. Our team designed a solution to derive the intent and sentiment of the customers on a conversational AI platform. This directly impacted in producing better results in competition analysis & research, customer understanding and brand monitoring.

Apart from that, IGT’s NLP techniques aid in boosting efficient ad generation, improvising content generation, and assisting in building intelligent chatbots for effective lead generation. To summarize, we tend to approach the traditional marketing ways with our progressive AI techniques and optimize the entire process with a human touch.

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