Customer Affection

Customer Affection – one of our core values.

As the CEO of InfoGlobalTech, I recognise the fact that our customers are at the core of every activity that we execute at InfoGlobalTech. Therefore, naturally, customer satisfaction is of utmost importance to us.

However, in today’s fast-paced, ever-changing business processes, the buck does not stop at just customer satisfaction.

In fact, we at InfoGlobalTech go one step further than just ensuring customer satisfaction, we aim to build customer affection.

Customer Affection plays a key role in building trust and ensuring a healthy and cordial relationship between company and their customers as it goes beyond meeting the needs of the customer. It is an on-going and everlasting commitment to excellence.

The focus is more on an advisory role on the contrary and provides the best possible solution to the customer keeping the interests and well-being of both parties in mind.

This is particularly important as keeping the customer’s profitability in mind and stepping into their shoes is of the essence, as it helps in building a rock-solid professional relationship that the customer will find endearing as trust in business and professional relationships is sanctum.

InfoGlobalTech has always been synonymous with quality, whether it is delivering quality products or providing quality consulting services that our customers can bank upon, and this is only possible through a well-timed innovation and reinvention of business practices and processes.

Any lasting relationship is built upon faith, loyalty, and most of all ethical practices, without which the loss of customer’s trust is certain, hence, high-quality standards and business practices are inculcated into each and every department here at InfoGlobalTech.

Upholding and uplifting our customers is what has made us what we are today. We are InfoGlobalTech, more than just your vendor/ supplier. We are your partners.

Anil Joshi

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