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Telecom Services

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Telecommunication is no longer limited to traditional phone, mobile and data products & services. It has exponentially grown in the past few years. Telcos have had to scale up massively and overhaul their legacy landscape to offer innovative products and services to customers across Communication, Media and Entertainment (CME) segments using cutting edge technologies.

IGT with their proven expertise in CME, digital transformation, technology, systems
integration, application development, products & services implementation and managed services can help Telcos to transition into next gen CME platforms and services and beat competition to offer world class CME products and experience to their customers. IGTs Architects, SMEs, Technology and Delivery teams’ partner with Telcos and System Integrators to build future ready, innovative, scalable and robust frameworks, tools and applications.

Meet Vijay, Telecom Lead at IGT

Vijay has over 22 years of experience in Leading, Managing, Integrating and Implementing complex IT solutions to solve critical, operative and business problems of Fortune 500 Telecom, Retail and Logistics conglomerates. Vijay’s astute leadership skills, resource management, technical know-how and customer relationships has enabled him to deliver projects and programs successfully across the globe. Vijay has effectively managed cross-functional and high-performance teams during his tenure with Accenture, Target, and Harman.

Vijay is a fan of football and F1, and never misses catching up on English Premier League, World football and Raceday over weekends. Rock music is his passion and frequently listens to all his favourites from classic rock to heavy metal. When he’s not watching sports or listening to music, Vijay indulges in world movies and OTT series.

Future Industry Drivers

Convergence is driven around the customer using CRM to manage the customer and product databases

Align OSS services to network platforms, FTTH, WTTX, Cloud, 4G/LTE and 5G

Provide a data driven architecture where an EDW/Data Lake handles a consistent report layer that is operational and strategic running real time updates and information for business decisions

Eliminate manual functions via automation, AI and ML for provisioning & activation, self-service, payments and customer data management

Our CME Architecture Model

Who are our customers?

Smart cities
Office campuses
Private wireless networks
Educational Institutions
Hospitals & Medical Facilities
Retail chains
Traditional and Over-the-top Telecom Operators
Gaming and Content providers
Mobile TV Service Providers
Manufacturing Plants
Mines and Processing Facilities

What can we offer?

Our Project & Staff Experience

New Telco Strategy, Build and Operations
Product Roadmap Development
Telco IT Strategy
OSS/BSS Strategy
OSS/BSS Implementation
OSS/BSS Integration
CX & Billing Strategy

Legacy Application Transformation
CRM Strategy
CRM Implementation
Revenue Assurance Services
Cloud Data Center Build and Operations

Why IGT for


  • 5G is creating new opportunities not just for traditional Telcos but for large Enterprises and Governments
  • We are bringing strong cross-industry consulting and systems integration services to deliver the solutions needed today and in the future
  • Traditional applications solution providers are failing to deliver projects and have no professional services other than around their own products
  • IoT and Cloud services are major drivers for organizations to integrate and manage