Our Client:

Ecommerce Client


Our client spends million dollars on Customer service operations to update their Legacy system with the orders received on Ecommerce portal.

Minimum of 2-5 CSR (Customer Service Representative) per country required to do these repetitive, monotonous activities per country and 20 CSRs in total.

20-30 minutes for each order processing consumes a huge number of human hours in a year increasing overall operational costs.

Our Solution

  • IGT came up with a solution to automate this entire process of front-end operations using RPA tool to mimic the CSR activities.
  • This Robot has been deployed in 3 countries successfully and going far with plan to deploy in 10 more countries.
  • The Bot is capable of operating longer than 8 business hours

The Change

  • Order processing time reduced to average of 10 minutes
  • Fast and errorless results saved an identifiable business cost
  • Works seamlessly according to clients’ respective time zones
  • Utilizes the CSRs at various other important and value driven roles