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Our client runs a Batch process every night to update their backend data in Legacy system with the operations happened on their ecommerce portal, like update product levels, discounts calculation, Reports updating etc. This entire process requires a minimum of 3 hours in some countries, to a maximum of 8 hours manual efforts and uninterrupted monitoring of jobs.

This process is time consuming, repetitive, and tedious to run every night, irrespective of holidays.

IGT Solution

  • Due to a mix of front-end and backend jobs on Web application and Legacy system, and to save time and efforts on programming, IGT suggested automation using RPA Tool.
  • IGT developed an independent and easily customizable application to run this Batch process automatically
  • Deployed the Robot in all 15 countries successfully within 4months from the start of the project.
  • To increase the visibility of the jobs running in the backend, we developed a rich web-based Admin portal to display the logs in real-time.


  • Our highly satisfied customer is quite at ease by just monitoring the Admin portal rather performing the tedious jobs manually throughout the night.
  • They were trained by us to easily customize the Robot according to their needs at any point of time.

Technology Platform

A mix of Ui Path and .Net technology