An industry filled with rapid innovation, almost every other day from all parts of the globe has directed the companies operating in this sector to direct their energy, time and focus into polishing and enhancing their core competencies such as product development, AI and Machine learning.

While these core competencies form the heart of every IT company, the non-core areas such as billing and customer support have taken a step back, however these areas too need a boost in order for companies to run smoothly on all fronts. This is where managed services come into play.


Apart from a range of IT managed services, IGT has branched out into a specialised managed service known as Telecommunication Billing Managed Service.


The process of telecom billing involves sending and receiving invoices as well as recording each transaction to keep a close check on the usage of each telecommunication service that is made by the company. Telecom billing system must produce accurate bills in accordance with the usage, this ensures customer continuity with Telecom service providers


These range of services that a telecom operator provides can be listed as follows:


  • Mobile Services
  • Internet and TV Services
  • On Demand Services
  • Cloud Computing
  • IOT Services


The need for this particular managed service has risen due to the tracking, invoice generation and process organisation becoming quite a task for companies since the boom in the modern telecom sector, making it quite complex as there were numerous vendors that a single company would be associated with while dealing with telecom.


IGT’s Telecom billing services helps in managing


  • Charging and Billing

Realtime transaction management based on pricing and services selection by customer.

  • Support diverse billing cycles and invoicing along with covers billing types such as Prepaid, Post-paid, pay as you go, roaming.
  • Convergent billing – Provides a single view of customer billing on Network usage for availing various services.
  • Provides accurate information to address disputes, refunds, and adjustments
  • Revenue Assurance

These services ensure leakages are detected and plugged in to assure Revenue by using statistical analysis.



  • Financial Management

Account Receivables, Payments, and Collections

  • Diver Business Model Support

B2B, B2C and B2B2C


  • Report Generation

Generating Financial reports, Management reports and Reconciliation reports


  • Multilanguage and Multicurrency Support – Depending on the end customer profile, a language and currency and accurate information in target language and currency is provided


  • Customer Management

Complete view of customer based on all touch points that helps support functions right from initial prospecting to post billing support and resolution of issues in a shorted possible time.



Thus, ensuring that the entire process of gathering and allocating the usage information of services and products for specific accounts, be it generating as well as sending their respective invoices are taken care of, in a worry-free manner.


Key benefits that IGT’s telecom managed services provide are :


  • Strategic Consulting from Inception to Service Order and Deployment to Post service support
  • End to End Managed Telecom Billing Service
  • Billing experts across the Telecom Billing Value chain
  • Global Presence ensures round the clock support
  • Deep Domain expertise