The banking and financial sector has been expanding from the time currency was invented, this is one sector that has not looked back and with the increase of technological advances singular banks have branched out to cities and countries with a strong presence across the globe. With their doors and vaults open to doing business with the world, the need for efficiency and manpower had crippled the industry with limitations that would not allow them to grow to scale as forecasted.

The improvement in technological advancements allowed the industry to grow exponentially by providing effective, reliable, faster, and securer services and experiences. Banks have to consistently find ways to offer the best user experience to their customers through all means at their disposal.

With the speed of technological changes, keeping up has become quite challenging and the need to deploy Robotic Process Automation is a norm in various tasks including but not limited to virtual banking, backend processes report generations, and settlements.

RPA is the tool of choice for this sector, considering RPA makes the time-consuming operations more systematic and organized.

Freeing up bank employees from repetitive tedious tasks dramatically reduced the time for transactions to seconds with no margin for error. Resulting in better morale and output for the humans while robots took over the menial tasks.

Similarly, with the increase in E-commerce companies, the need to automate various processes has taken precedence in the industry.

Some of the processes where the industry uses Robotic Process automation would involve Logistics management with the help of automatically assigning delivery partners based on locations. After-sales service calls based on delivery times to initiate installations. Product Life Cycle management systems to honor expiry dates and automate ordering to maintain a minimum stock level, Supply chain diversity within the automated ordering to check the best price and stock availability from suitable vendors.

These Robotic Automated Processes implemented to remove human error and automate the functions of such companies take the burden off by 90% leaving the promoters to focus their efforts on the product offering and offer a great experience for the end-user.

These two industries have greatly benefited by adopting Robotic Process Automation as an industry standard for functioning more effectively and have shown a boom in recent years. InfoGlobalTech has been at the forefront of RPA for the past 15 years and services clients belonging to both industries with the most effective solutions as deemed required.

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