The Opportunity

Our client, a multi-national retailer, was looking for better ways to cross-sell their products and services to existing clients based on their purchase/search patterns.

What we Did

  • Process Development
  • Legacy Software Integration
  • Client Partnership
  • Project Management


In the realm of optimizing customer experiences and enhancing e-commerce platforms, a paramount endeavor lies in the creation of a streamlined approach to recommending products and services to the discerning customer base.

This endeavor involved the development of a sophisticated algorithm that harnesses the intricate web of customer purchase history and search patterns, thereby proactively prompting shoppers with products of genuine interest. Furthermore, our commitment extended to the enhancement of the checkout process by seamlessly introducing complementary and related items, ultimately enriching the shopping journey. To encapsulate this comprehensive approach, we placed considerable emphasis on crafting an intuitive and user-friendly front-end user interface, ensuring that the interaction between customers and our platform remains effortlessly gratifying. Such meticulous attention to detail reflects our unwavering dedication to harnessing cutting-edge technology and expertise in the pursuit of elevating your business’s e-commerce capabilities.

Our Solution

IGT created data pipelines to inject RAW data from various sources that included both structured and unstructured data. The data was cleaned to remove the duplicates or errors. Our Data Engineers transformed the data also referred to as data wrangling, munging, or transforming, and mapping data from one raw data form into another for warehousing and analysis.

Our Data Scientist segmented customers based on their historical purchase habits using the RFM method and understood the customer behavior using RFM analysis—further data mining based on predictive and differential market basket analysis and associated rules.


The result of the solution is a custom UI integration from a data mart to serve business divisions and product lines with access to the data that is relevant to their individual operations.​

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