The speed, scale and stability of an application is tested under Performance Testing. This type of testing helps in determining the quality of the software application, especially under a given workload.

The execution of a performance test usually occurs after a functionality testing phase has been executed.

A performance test too has its own number of reasons and specific instances for being executed, such as:

  • Searching and location barriers in computing
  • Determining smooth functioning of application
  • Measuring stability under high traffic conditions
  • Drawing a comparison between two or more systems and reaching a conclusion
  • Verifying the performance levels promised by the vendor

Benefits of conducting a performance test:

  • Detection and removal of serious functional flaws that can damage system as well as your reputation
  • Helps in avoiding late deployment of software that arise due to performance issues
  • Functional flaws with respect to data volume and synchronisation, which are not identified in functional testing are eliminated in this phase
  • Helps in gauging actual performance of individual pages, URL and actions that are performed in an application


A typical performance test in IGT is carried out in five steps:

1.  Planning Load Test

The first step is to define your goals, analyse your system capacity, and gather data on system usage.

2. Creating VUGen Scripts

Add test data and user behaviour to transform scripts into Virtual Users.

3. Creating Scenarios

Developing test scenarios as per the goals that have been defined earlier.

4. Scenario Execution

This step involves testing up to 100% load and then continuing to test on system overload to check possible risks of overload.

5. Analysing results

Bottlenecks must be highlighted and preparation of implementing changes must begin.


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