Taking strict measures to protect your digital assets and online data while operating from cloud workspaces is one of the most important and pressing concerns experienced by any organization. A cloud computing platform can face a variety of threats such as breach of privacy through emails, applications, firewalls, and other online threats.

The solution to your worry and concern is a competent and new-age cloud security tool which is much harder to hack into as your precious assets and data are stored online databases and servers rather than physical proprietary devices. Cloud security providers offer superior security solutions when compared to in-house security systems as they not only have updated security tools but their reputation is also at stake, hence, relying on them for your security concerns will be a hassle-free experience.

IGT offers a spectrum of cloud security solutions provided by Azure:

  • Identity & Access Management

This is a critical field that needs to be addressed as it looks into controlling user access to critical data of organizations and plays a key role in data governance.

  • Web Security

A complete protection provided from online hackers, cyber criminals and a host of online threats, through robust protocols and measures

  • Email Security

Looks into prevention of breaches and unauthorised access into your company’s inbox, loss of emails, phishing attacks, malware and spams.

  • Security Assessment

These are periodic tests performed in a scheduled manner that evaluate your organization’s, application’s or project’s security performance and check for any possible gaps and vulnerabilities in a systematic way and offer solutions for foreseeable threats in the future as well.

  • Intrusion Management

This aspect relates to keeping a track of breaches to the network by observing network traffic flows, analysing patterns and reporting back on possible threats.

  • Encryption & Key Management

Encryption key protection is vital to the security of your data as it relates to user access and ultimately prevents data breaches. This process looks after the storing, backing up and organization of encryption keys.

  • Web Application Firewall (WAF)

This aspect of the security tool is specifically designed for web applications. It filters and surveys HTTP traffic that occurs between the website and the internet. A WAF acts like a shield which protects the server from attackers coming in through malicious traffic.

  • Network Security

This has a broad scope of activities that involve the use of both software and hardware and strict policies and rules that govern the intrusion. These actions range from user access control, virus and antivirus applications, Firewalls, Network analytics and VPNs

  • Threat Analytics

A comprehensive report that shows you a quantitative and qualitative analysis of the result of activities carried out by the cloud security tool and also focuses on breach cases as well as number of identified cases containing potential risks that may cause a data breach. It’s an effective aid for you to review and take action from your end as well.

IGT’s Azure Cloud Security is your answer to a host of cloud platform and network related concerns and any threat related to cybercrime for the present and the future.