Having established the importance of customer affection, IGT goes to the next level in receiving, analysing and taking action upon customer feedback. There are a plethora of insights that can be derived from the way a customer base perceives your product offering.

It is becoming an increasingly important activity as there is a boom in data, like such that has never been witnessed before, thanks to social media and other such sites that promote information aggregation. Given this fact, monitoring the data and developing insights can become quite a tedious task. This is where an automated solution such as sentiment analysis fits perfectly in the picture.

By combining NLP, machine learning and deep learning tools, companies can effectively and effortlessly track positive and negative words that are forming a collective perception or opinion about the company as well as the product.

This perception towards the product is captured by identifying and capturing the text pieces that circling all over social media and the internet regarding that particular product. After capturing the text pieces it is later divided into two categories: Positive Feedback and Negative Feedback.

After the company has received the feedback, they can act upon the feedback based on a scoring pattern. The higher the score, whether positive or negative, the more opportunities or gaps they are presented with. Positive feedback provides a pathway for the organization to continue and improve upon the useful aspects of the product, and of course, negative feedback is as important, if not more important, in order to identify pitfalls and make necessary mitigating courses of action.

By conducting a routine check up on what the buzz around your product is across the internet, you have access to a one-stop solution for gathering all the customer feedback and creating actionable target groups based on relevant feedback and respective quantifiable segments.

This activity is referred to as Sentiment Analysis or Opinion Mining or Emotion AI and it goes a long way in enhancing your customer experience, especially in today’s immensely competitive, data-driven age of digital consumerism.

IGT provides you with effective Sentiment Analysis solutions that will help in understanding and catering to the needs of customers.

Advantages of IGT’s sentiment analysis tool:

  • Identifies customer mindset with ease
  • Taps into the digital space and gather useful information and customer feedback
  • Creates target segments of customer base
  • Helps you predict changes required based social media opinion
  • Gauges product performance and creates actionable reports
  • It is cost-effective as IGT’s in-house team of experts will guide you through the process