IGT’s Data Engineering solutions driven by Azure

The growing need for businesses to scale at a faster rate all-the-while doing so in a cost-efficient manner has resulted in the creation of the concept of data engineering.

Since the data available is at such a high quantity due to online user activity being at an all-time high, the need for a platform to optimise data engineering and maximise insights to make data-driven decisions, is the need of the hour.

IGT’s approach to data Engineering with Azure is the solution to this challenge as it is a one-stop solution for processing large scale data sets. It eliminates the need for extra human resources, who can implement their expertise elsewhere. It is a simplified platform that enables you to build large-scale data systems on the cloud.

Hence, reducing significant costs in setting up on-premise deployment. You can design, implement the methods of managing your data, monitor it and set up the data security and data privacy at your own convenience.

A new feature of Azure is the Azure SQL Data Warehouse, as the name suggests, the data warehouse presents an online space to store large amounts of data as well as queries. Relational as well as non-relational. So, you get the best of Cloud Computing As well as an in-built SQL Data Warehouse that has native support for SQL server and you can easily migrate, scale or shrink their warehouse resources as per your requirements.

Another key feature that is an addition to Azure is the Azure Databricks component which gives a platform and an open forum for Data Scientists, Data engineers and Data Analysts to combine their expertise and collaborate on data workloads in an interactive way.

Azure Databricks is an ideal way to tackle large datasets as it comes integrated with Azure Data Lake Storage, Azure Data Factory, Azure Machine Learning, Azure Synapse Analytics, Azure DevOps, Azure Virtual Network and many more.

Databricks is an Open Lakehouse Platform that unifies your workloads and AI Analytics in a smooth and functional way. Maximise your data engineering capabilities by scaling critical data cleansing, data transformations and manipulations with ease through Azure Databricks.

Azure Data Factory is yet another useful tool which allows you to schedule workflow without the need for coding. The basic workflow is built in the manner of pipelines that contain and execute activities in a cost-efficient manner. This is a refreshing change as ETL tools are known to be notorious since they have very high licensing costs.

Key Benefits

With IGT’s Azure-driven data engineering solutions customers can look at:

  • Enhanced level of Data Security with in-built encryption
  • Access to unlimited storage, scalable for large datasets
  • A fully-managed Data Infrastructure, requires zero maintenance
  • Access to a wide range of services like SaaS, SQL, NoSQL and Database Integration as well.
  • Worry-less recovery and backup solutions for your data
  • Seamless Data Discovery

Take your digital enterprise to the next level as you begin your digital transformation journey with IGT’s Azure-driven data engineering solutions that provide a holistic data governance service helping you manage and govern on-premise, multi-cloud and SaaS data that is highly sensitive and is integral to build your data lineage.

You can bank on its trustworthy delivery which looks at scaling your data with automated controls and address challenges that arise at every stage of your business’ data lifecycle.

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